Lidia Kellie

NOV 08

November is an exciting month with cutting edge design ideas for everyday items and more, more, more. You all know what that means people?…Shopping!. First things first, get your To-Do-List together, then check-up on the budget. This list will put your mind at ease and set you on a clear path with a plan.

The most important item to include on this list is Moi.(translation=ME). My favourite thing to do is make a booking first up for the morning at a good Salon Spa. Full body treatments is what’s needed. Spa Salons are my favourite so as to get your hair done afterwards, (you need this extra service if you want to walk out looking like yourself again). On my travels, I have made notes of my favourite spa treatments and the best of spa places to go, this makes booking my next visit easy. Then I finish the morning with a healthy lunch. Bang a little lip shine on and go. This is the most important task taken care of. Then you can carry out all other listed tasks one at a time there after.

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