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- Vibrant colors & comfort in an alternates teen bedroom

- Vibrant colors & comfort in an alternates teen bedroom

Shopping for teens can be a challenging endeavor.

Finding out their likes and dis-likes is the main task, and once this section gets broken down, the rest is easy.

Finding out your daughter was “turning alternative” after many years of pink, pink and more pink was seriously a major turn of events in our household. This is how I went about it.

Embarking into unknown territory such as this example may be of some help to you:

Asking questions about whether she have a preferred style or like in mind, giving a little rope & remembering not to add my own opinion, until later if need be.

1.  In my case it was our daughter asking for a bedroom upgrade makeover with an “Alternative look”. Everything had to be black. I kept it zipped up until we looked around at a few ranges.

2. Online shopping is great for me because I can see so many labels to choose from and often checking out your local stores stock together with teens is impossible. Luckily, my daughter fell in love with what we saw online, then we phoned the store to check up whether they had the stock and are able to display it for us to see in person. Most stores are happy to do this for you and can notify you as to when a particular range will be displayed in store.

3. Thankfully we found what we looked for and loved it, and we agreed as a family on what was chosen.

4. Once we checked the quality and price for the final details to purchase, it was all systems go.

Now we enjoy the happiness our daughter has in the ownership of her newly decorated room & she smiles willingly and even cleans up her own room!

Happy Days are here again.

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